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Creatink is a boutique marketing services firm located in downtown Toronto. We work with local businesses to identify their digital marketing needs and create an action plan that works for them. We put our digital marketing expertise to work for you. One of our main goals is to bridge the gap between business owners and developers to ensure you obtain digital products that your business needs and that they generate conversion for you. In simple terms, we maximize your ROI. This, in turn, allows you to focus on planning and running your business while we take care of all your digital marketing needs.

At Creatink, we start by getting to know your brand so we can understand where it needs to go. We then develop customer-centric business strategies with this understanding in mind. After a solid marketing plan is developed, it is executed through strategically chosen digital channels: Web design, Web Development or Re-Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or On-page optimization, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Display advertising, E-mail Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Apps development or Mobile advertising.

We can customize all the solutions to generate business for you. This allows us to deliver your message with a greater impact that works towards building up your strengths and communicating them in the smartest ways.

Our efforts ensure your client receives a consistent message throughout multiple touch points, while building up your brand and retaining customer loyalty.

To do this, we follow a 5-step process:


Who are we? Where are we? How's the marketplace? What do we have? Where do we want to be?


Continuing in the process, we ask ourselves what needs to be done in order for us to get there?


Creative material is supported by a marketing and customer-centric strategic plan to reach the right audience.


Now it's time to take action. What do we need to do? And how and when do we need to do it?


We select and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to confirm the chosen methods are the right ones.

Our Team

Creatink is composed of a mixed group of professional marketers, creative thinkers, idea generators, designers, writers and photographers, among others. Our diversity ensures maximum creative options for your marketing plan.

Patricia Quintero
Veronica Diago
Creative Director
Martha Quiroga
Graphic Designer


We respect every client’s unique needs. This is why we build custom-tailored marketing and tactical plans that suit their strategic objectives. We then execute the plan and monitor results to ensure conversion.

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