These days, business is about relationships. It’s important to understand what your customer wants and deliver that via timely and personalized content. Once we understand your customer, Creatink is here to help you connect with them even further.

We do this via several channels:

Content Marketing

Traditional “push” promotional strategies, where you are taking the product to the customer, are being replaced by “pull” strategies; this involves motivating customers to seek out your brand in an active process. This means bringing the customer to you, through content.

At Creatink we work with you to build the right content for the right context.
It isn’t all in the promotion — you need to engage your audience in a conversation and demonstrate your expertise to build thought leadership. Sharing your know-how on relevant trends and topics not only shows your customers that you care about the same things they care about, but also shows you can be a trusted source of information.

The role of an integrated marketing plan comes into play here in maximizing the potential of each medium being used – blogs, email marketing, social media, SEO, landing pages, calls to action, etc. Moreover, an editorial calendar ensures you are reaching out to your audience on a consistent basis.
If you need help creating content, our talented writers can collaborate in the process to create literature, articles, white papers and e-books that add value to your clients.

SEO/SEM, Display Advertising, Analytics Tracking & Reporting

This is how your customers find you and connect with you. You want your website to stand out from the rest, and so do we!
Creatink can help you with:

  • SEO web Audits
  • Keyword search and strategy
  • Best practices to optimize each URL tags, meta tags, alt tags, titles and headlines
  • Pay per click (PPC) advertising
  • Organic search
  • Link building strategy

Corporate Events

We believe no technology or print can ever replace the importance of face-to-face interaction. The little time people have to set aside for such things is why connecting in person is such a unique opportunity to make a great statement.

When it comes to preparing your next corporate event, just leave it to Creatink. We’ll make sure to organize a remarkable occasion that is valuable and memorable to both you and your customers.
At Creatink we can set you up with everything you need for your next, including:

  • Tradeshows and Exhibits
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • Product Launches

Social Media

Creatink Marketing can help you build and manage your social platforms so you can engage with your community in a safe and social way. This is an integral part of any marketing plan as it helps you share ideas, content and thoughts, and therein build relationships.

This is yet one more area where your strategy and branding touches your clients. At Creatink, we help you create a plan so you can safely and continuously stay on top of managing your social media assets.

CRM Management & Email Marketing

We help you stay connected with your clients via transactional or direct email campaigns, while complying with Anti-Spam Legislation and Privacy laws.