We’ll make your goals our goals…but first, we need a plan!

We believe that beautiful ads, flashy websites and glossy brochures won’t deliver on their own. They are just tools to enable results. A business needs a clear and well-defined roadmap to ensure success.

This is why at Creatink we start our work with a well-defined strategy. A solid marketing strategy allows you to take a step back and analyze your product, the market and all the segments where you can be present.

Once the strategy is laid out, we build a bespoke marketing plan for your business. This allows us to craft a customer-centric message that is consistent throughout all marketing channels in order to enhance the impact of your message.

We follow a 5 step process:

Understand your business needs and current marketing assets

Identify and profile your target persona

Analyze the competitive environment

Review and segment your customers data

Set your strategic goals